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The Designer - Nicola Lang

The designer, Nicola is a world renowned fashion designer who began a career when she was 17! 

She started off in Ottawa designing for social clientele and producing runway collections for diplomats and political figures in Ottawa, which led her to studying in Paris and in London and launching Nicola Lang Originals in the 1970s which led to designing for the Nantucket Looms (Nantucket Island), Liberty of London, political dignitaries such as Shiela Martin (The Honourable Paul Martin), Laureen Harper (The Honourable Stephen Harper), former Governor General's of Canada, Ambassador's to Canada, and Jackie Onassis (former First Lady of the United States) as well as working women who wanted couture made outfits for work! 

Throughout her over 40 years in the fashion industry, Nicola has collected an array of fabrics from iconic designers such as Escada (Margaretha Ley butterfly print), Vintage Chanel,  Pucci, Dior, Burberry, Valentino, Versace and many more! She has saved these fabrics so carefully and other incredible silks and cottons (produced in the 60s, 70s and 80s), whereby the quality is unmatched. 

In April of this year, upon being inundated with inquiries to make designer masks, Masksforto was launched! Nicola wanted to be able quality fabrics with prices ranging from $25 to the more expensive one of a kind materials over $150. Each mask is couture made, whereby the pleating for each mask is hand done, stitched and then ironed.

Nicola would love to hear from you, so please do email us at:, and you may receive a call and or email from Nicola to ensure you are enjoying your masks!!!