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About Us

The idea was founded upon individuals throughout Canada having the opportunity during these trying times to purchase handmade masks - elegant and full of colour!

The designer Nicola Lang, is from Ottawa and has been in the fashion industry for over 45 years, and during this time has collected a wide assortment of silks, cotton, and limited quantities of purchased one of a kind designer material.

The idea stemmed from wanting to produce handmade masks by selecting an assortment of incredible fabric, ranging from Egyptian pima cotton, to Italian material (Etro and Canali) to designer purchased fabric (Gucci, Pucci and Chanel) to sourced Italian silks - essentially wanting to use the best fabric to make masks!

Styles will be updated monthly with new selections.

All of these prices are reasonable for the value of such fabrics and handmade craftsmanship for each individual mask.

The intention is to have some fun during these incredibly challenging times and experience quality of fabrics!

Alongside Nicola are two incredibly talented entrepreneurial women who wanted to give back and help out our city and Canada.

If you have any comments or questions please contact:

Enjoy wearing them and keep safe and healthy!


Giving Back:

We are donating masks to Bruyere Hospital in Ottawa, to the nurses and staff, a hospital where Nicola Lang volunteers often.